Institutional Analytics and Reporting

We are IAR

Institutional Analytics & Reporting (IAR) is the central university organization responsible for providing access to actionable and accurate information, we lead the OSU community to organize, strengthen and advance institutional reporting, analytics and data literacy across the institution.


IR (Institutional Research)

  • Certify university data and reports
  • Generate external reporting and surveys
  • Produce official university statistics and metrics


BIC (Business Intelligence Center)

  • Build and maintain official university reports
  • Support CORE, GRS and OSUF reporting systems
  • Provide decision making support tools


REF (Data Reference Desk)

  • First point of contact for IAR
  • Lead training and data literacy efforts
  • Connect users with IAR resources


Number of Reports Run Since Jan 2013

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Institutional Research (IR)

  • Certified university data and reports
  • External reporting & surveys
  • Official university statistics & metrics


Number of Reports and Dashboards in CORE

Business Intelligence Center (BIC)

  • Build & maintain official university reports
  • Support CORE, GRS & OSUF reporting systems
  • Provide decision making support tools

Number of Faculty/Staff with Data Literacy Training

Data Reference Desk (REF)

  • First point of contact for IAR
  • Training and data literacy efforts
  • Connecting users with IAR resources

Analytics & Dashboards

IAR is creating more dynamic, interactive tools for data informed decision making. These tools will access and report census data from Institutional Research and operational data from Banner and other operational systems to support the University Strategic Plan and other key initiatives.

Data Dictionary

In an effort to bring consistency and clarity to our use and understanding of university data , IAR is  developing a common Data Dictionary which includes the official operational, business, and technical definitions as well as relevant metadata for the terms and data elements most commonly used at OSU. The university Data Stewards and Data Governance Council will review and vet the definitions for accuracy.

Student Data Warehouse BI Query Transition to Jaspersoft

Some of the legacy tools we have historically used to access data and meet local data reporting needs are no longer able to keep up with the demands of our increasingly complex data environment. To help support the transition to more reliable tools, start here.

Chatbot / Lex

Finding the reports or information you need can be daunting and confusing. Using the Amazon Lex chatbot technology, we are exploring better ways for you to intuitively navigate data resources, to find exactly the report or data you need. All you need to do is ask.

IAR Team

For questions, or to get in contact with someone from IAR, please Contact Us.