Business Intelligence Center

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Cooperative Open Reporting Environment (CORE)

The CORE Initiative kicked off in May 2013 with an OSU community event hosted by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Vice Provost for Information Services/CIO. Co-Sponsors for the Initiative were the Provost/Executive Vice President and the Vice President for Finance & Administration. The Initiative going forward was to establish a new way of working at OSU by guiding the development of a university-wide reporting environment with support for the University's strategic plan and operations. One year later, 200 initial reports were released to the OSU community.

Grant Reporting System (GRS)

From desktop to mobile device, GRS was developed to be a tool for use any day, anywhere. The GRS provides principal investigators (PIs), co-PIs (co-principal investigators), grant account managers and business managers with the current financial status of grant funds. Gone are the days of pulling information from desparate data sources and spending countless hours collapsing it all into a useable report format. Additionally, GRS offers numerous reporting formats and views at your fingertips from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

OSU Foundation Systems (OSUF)

FS Index Reimbursement System

  • System for reimbursing OSU Indexes or Funds beginning with FS/FE/438
  • Only for reimbursing expenses which are allowable on OSU Financial Statements (FIS-400)
  • Expense as it relates to, but not limited to, instruction, research, administration, Extension, outreach programs, and campus infrastructure

Scholarship System

  • System for creating Scholarship Plans, including those outside of OSUF purview
  • Electronic management of the scholarship distribution process

Direct Payment System

  • System for directly paying/reimbursing employees, individuals and organizations from OSUF funds for OSU-related expenses
  • Allowable expenses are identified in the OSUF Distribution Policy, Article 6
  • Expenses are often those which are not allowed for payment under OSU policy, i.e. fundraising and alcohol expense