BI Query, Finance Data Warehouse Transition

The BI Query Finance Data Warehouse was decommissioned on December 31, 2016. The Student, Financial Aid & Human Resources data warehouses will remain available for a period of one year following the release of these data sources in CORE Data Analytics.

BI Query Information & Help Documents

With the development and release of the Cooperative Open Reporting Environment (CORE) system, implementation of the Data Analytics tool (Jaspersoft) and the decommissioning of the BI Query Finance Data Warehouse the first phase in the deactivation of old reporting systems if complete. Below are links to resources which may be of help navigating CORE, more help docs are located on the CORE help page, and do not hesitate to contact the BIC Team for assistance.

Locating BI Query Finance reports in CORE

All of the existing standard finance reports that were in BI Query are available in CORE, and are easily located using the BI Query Reports link at the top of the uReports window as demonstrated  below.

Once you have accessed CORE, click uReports which will populate the header above and display the CORE Library of Reports. Locate the BI Query Reports box and click, which automatically directs you to the BIQ reports tables.

For example, when you click on the Finance Transaction Ledger Reports link the following window opens which is similar to what was available in BI Query.