Understanding and Navigating CORE

The resources below, provide you with more information about the CORE reports structure, the BI Query/Data Warehouse style reports now in CORE and step-by-step guides CORE functions and features. As the evolution of CORE continues, additional help documents and resources will be added to this page for your reference.

CORE Help Guides

Document Document Document
Self-Help Guide: Introduction to the Cooperative Open Reporting Environment (CORE) System also known as CORE Basics
What is My Reports? Search for OSU ID CORE Quick Tips - Payroll
Saving or Sharing Reports using Firefox Search for Name CORE Quick Tips - Grants
Saving or Sharing Reports using Google Chrome Directory Information Search CORE Quick Tips - Finance
Printing & Exporting CORE Reports Searching with Wildcards (%) CORE - Training Days 2017
Understanding Parameters Search for BI Query, Data Warehouse Report  
Using a Multiple Values Parameter Box Adding & Removing Reports to My Favorites  
Understanding Parameters Function CORE Introductory Session   
CORE Parameters Defined How to Effectively use CORE  

CORE Help Presentations (videos)

Introduction to CORE

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CORE Report Structure

Prefix (Alpha): Functional Area
Prefix Functional Area Prefix Functional Area
ADV Academic Advising GRD Graduate School
ANA Analytics HLP Help
ALM Alumni Association HNR Honors College
BIC Business Intelligence Center HRS Human Resources
BUD Budget Office IRM Institutional Research
CRS Course Management PAY Payroll
ENM Enrollment Management RES Research Management
FAC Facilities Services SSM Student Success Metrics
FIN Finance STU Student
FIA Financial Aid VAL Validation Tables
FND OSU Foundation    
Suffix (Numeric Range): Report Category
Range Report Category Range Report Category
0001-0049 Admin/General 1500-1549 Tenure
0050-0099 Business Center 1550-1599 Employee
0100-0149 Metrics/Ratios 1800-1849 General Ledger
0150-0199 University Wide 1850-1899 Operating Ledger
0200-0249 College 1900-1949 Transaction Ledger
0300-0349 Enrollment 1950-1999 Budgets
0350-0399 Admissions 2000-2049 Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
0400-0449 Degrees 2000-2010 Scholarships
0450-0499 Student Progress 2050-2099 Fixed Assets
0500-0549 Student Characteristics 2100-2149 Space / Capital Planning / Maintenance
0550-0599 ID Cards 2150-2199 Purchasing
0800-0849 Bacc Core 2200-2249 Tuition
0850-0899 Class Rosters 2250-2299 Student Fees
0900-0949 Majors/Minors 2300-2349 Encumbrances
0950-0999 Course Catalog 2400-2449 Travel
1000-1049 Course Registration & Scheduling 2550-2599 Data Dump
1200-1249 Faculty/PI 2700-2749 Student Validation Tables
1250-1299 FTE 2750-2799 Finance Validation Tables
1300-1349 Calendar Year 2800-2849 Human Resources Validation Tables
1350-1399 Fiscal Year 2850-2899 Data Audit
1400-1449 Jobs 2900-2949 Security Audit
1450-1499 Positions 5300-5399 Operational Metrics

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