Data Governance

OSU Data Governance Council

The Provost is designated as the policy officer for all data, university-wide. The governance council acts on behalf of the Provost to recommend a balanced, strategic approach to data practices and policy. The Council is advisory to the Vice Provost for Information Services, and through her, to the Provost. Membership is by invitation and substitutes are not appropriate. Expertise including legal counsel and audit is available to the council, and it may seat task forces and invite community input as it chooses.

The Data Governance Council will...

  • Recommend policies for access, distribution and use of university data
  • Recommend accountabilities and responsibilities for members of the university community as related to university data
  • Recommend priorities for investment and effort as related to university data and information

There is a subordinate committee that will work in conjunction with the Data Governance Council. The Data Management Committee will focus on quality, and on determining process that enacts policy decisions made in the Data Governance Council. For example, if the Data Governance Council makes a recommendation on levels of access across the university to personnel or grade information, the Data Management Committee will recommend the processes by which this can happen.


  • OSU strives to be a data-driven university, giving members of the community immediate access to information that allows informed decisions, planning and action.
  • We must balance an environment of university-wide access to data and information while ensuring the security and appropriate use.
  • There should be a single truth so that all parts of the university are using the same references.


  • Data is a strategic asset of the university, but only to the extent that it is available, accurate and actionable.
  • All data and information are owned by the university.
  • We will trust our employees, and also have the highest expectations for appropriate use and care of data.

Data Governance Council Members

  • Jon Dolan, CIO and Interim Vice Provost for University Information and Technology
  • Sherm Bloomer, Director - Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning
  • Jack Breen, Manager - University Administrative Business Center
  • Susan Capalbo, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Sal Castillo, Director - Institutional Research
  • Helen Diggs, Director - Laboratory Animal Resources Center/Campus Attending Veterinarian
  • John Edwards, Director - School of Psychological Science
  • Michael Hansen, CDO and Executive Director - Institutional Analytics and Reporting
  • Larry Rodgers, Dean - College of Liberal Arts
  • Kelly Sparks, Associate Vice President - OSU Cascades

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