OSUF Systems

Oregon State University Foundation Systems

FS Index Reimbursement System

  • System for reimbursing OSU Indexes or Funds beginning with FS/FE/438/8
  • Only for reimbursing expenses which are allowable on OSU Financial Statements (FIS-400)
  • Expense as it relates to, but not limited to, instruction, research, administration, Extension, outreach programs, and campus infrastructure

Scholarship System

  • System for creating Scholarship Plans, including those outside of OSUF purview
  • Electronic management of the scholarship distribution process

Direct Payment System

  • System for directly paying/reimbursing employees, individuals and organizations from OSUF funds for OSU-related expenses
  • Allowable expenses are identified in the OSUF Distribution Policy, Article 6
  • Expenses are often those which are not allowed for payment under OSU policy, i.e. fundraising and alcohol expense

OSUF Reports

OSU Foundation Information

OSU Foundation Distribution Policy, Article 5: OSU Foundation Reimbursement Types (pdf)

FS Index Reimbursements: The Foundation reimburses approved OSU business-related expenses through the OSU FS Index Reimbursement System. OSU business-related expenses are generally all expenses reflected on OSU Financial Statements. This includes all expenses related to, but not limited to, instruction, research, administration, extension, outreach programs, and campus infrastructure.

Direct/Personal Reimbursements: The OSU Foundation processes direct reimbursement requests for other OSU non-business expenses, which include expenses related to OSU public relations and fundraising.

OSU Foundation Financial Systems Access Policy (link): This policy covers the guidelines governing OSU access to Financial Edge (FE) and related OSU Foundation reporting systems.