Direct Payment

Direct Payment System (login)direct payment system request routing

The Direct Payment System is for processing OSU Foundation (OSUF) payments directly to employees, individuals or organizations. The Payment Request is initiated electronically and is complete when the transaction has been approved and printed.  Printing the Payment Request initiates, the electronic routing of requests to the OSUF Fund Approver and the OSU Foundation.

Which System to use? Direct Payment or FS Index Reimbursement

  • Direct Payment Requests
    • Payment for the expense will be paid directly to the payee (employee, individual or organization)
    • Expense is not allowable for payment by Oregon State University
    • Expense-types paid using the Direct Payment System: Alcohol and Fundraising
  • FS Index Reimbursement Requests
    • Expense is paid through the Oregon State University accounts payable system
    • The Index charged for the expense started with FS
    • An invoice was received and paid directly by Oregon State University
    • The expense is representative of an OSU cost of doing business
    • Expense-types excluded: Alcohol and Fundraising

What types of expense must be paid using the Direct Payment System?

  • OSU non-business expenses (OSU non-allowable expense)
  • Alcohol
  • Travel expenses in excess of allowable Per Diem
  • Excess lodging expense
  • Hosting
  • Flowers
  • Receptions
  • Non-employee gifts
  • Fundraising & Donor Relations