OSUF Systems Security Structure

OSU Foundation Systems - Roles and Access

Role Reimbursement Scholarship Direct Payment

Business Manager


Deputy Business Manager




Scholarship Administrator

Role Descriptions
  • Business Manager - Can create Index Reimbursements and signer requests and has ability to manage access at the unit level. Can assign Indexes, Orgs and Scholarship Detail Codes to users. Intended for OSU employees with titles like Business Center Manager, Finance & Accounting Manager or Finance Coordinator.
  • Deputy Business Manager - Has the same user rights as the Business Manager. If delegated by the Business Manager, the Deputy Business Manager can manage the systems access for their unit.
  • Accountant - Can create Index Reimbursement and Direct Payment requests for their assigned Orgs, with transaction details including account numbers and non-aggregate Other Payroll Expense data. Can create Authorized Signer requests and may view Nolij images if available. Intended for OSU employees with titles like Accountant, Fiscal Coordinator, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant or Office Specialist.
  • Scholarship Administrator - Can create, revise and submit Scholarship Plans; Administer FS Index Reimbursements Requests; Manage scholarship awards and approvals, Detail Code X-Walk; Prepare and submit new Authorized Signer requests.
Profile Data Needed for Access to OSUF Systems

A related automatic process copies the following profile data from Banner to the OSUF Systems.

  • OSU ID Number
  • ONID Username
  • First, Middle & Last Name
  • Home ORG
  • Department
  • Email Address
Automatic User Deactivation

User access is automatically deactivated when either of the following events occur:

  • The user's employment at Oregon State University is terminated
  • The user changes positions and the first two digits of their Home ORG change
  • This process does not remove the user. To permanently remove a user account it must be deactivated by the Business Manager in the User Administration utility.