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Frequently Asked Questions

FS Index Reimbursement System FAQ's

Q. How do I add a new Index to the FS Index Reimbursement System?

A. FS, FE and Fund 438 Indexes are added to the reimbursement system automatically and does not require any action by you, the user.

Q. An FS Index transaction appears on my xx report but is not appearing in the OSUF system, why?

A. There are several reasons this might occur.

  1. The transaction reimbursement request is complete. Verify by searching for the Doc Code in Search Reimbursement Request Advanced Search box.
  2. The transaction is for a prior fiscal year. All prior year transactions, that have not been added to a reimbursement request by the published Fiscal Year End deadline, are no longer available for processing.
  3. The transaction is a new but has not posted to the FS Index Reimbursement System. Transactions are posted Monday through Friday every 2 hours during regular business hours.
  4. After verifying that none of the above conditions exist, please contact the BIC for assistance.

Q. My Reimbursement Request was disapproved by the OSU Foundation. What do I do now?

A. You will need to edit the reimbursement and make any necessary changes. Once you have completed the edits, resubmit the reimbursement and it will routed for approval. See the Help document, Revising (Editing) a FS Index Reimbursement Request for more  information.

Q. I made a mistake on a Reimbursement Request which has been approved by the OSU Foundation. How to I correct this reimbursement?

A. If the reimbursement status is set to OSUF_APPROVED or PAID, you cannot make changes to the Reimbursement Request.

To correct an FS Index Reimbursement transaction for expense paid from the wrong ProjectID, you will need to recreate your original transaction following the steps below:

  1. JV the expense out to another Index and then back to the FS Index.
  2. Prepare and submit the resulting debit and credit (two separate) Reimbursement Requests. This action reimburses the incorrectly charged ProjectID and charges the correct ProjectID for the expense.

Q. Can someone else with the same access to the FS Index Reimbursement System edit or delete my Reimbursement Requests?

A. No only you, the originator of the reimbursement, can edit or make changes to the Reimbursement Request.

Q. Is it possible for me to approve those Reimbursement Requests I submitted?

A. No. You as the reimbursement originator cannot approve requests you submit.

Q. I entered a Reimbursement Request for the Approver has not gotten the email notice.

A. Approver Notification email messages are not sent out immediately on originator submission. Instead, they are batched and sent out the next work day morning. For example, any changes made today that trigger an email notification will not be delivered until the following work day morning.

Q. I am located in a one person office, and need to submit and have approved Reimbursement Requests. Will the system allow me to be the Originator and Approver?

A. No, audit requirements do not allow the Reimbursement Request Originator and Approver to be the same person regardless of office size. Your Business Center can help you, so please contact them for assistance. OSU Foundation requires no less than two Signers per ProjectID. Prior to submitting a Reimbursement Request, you will want to be sure your Authorized Signers form is current.

Q. Can I change the Approver on a Reimbursement Request?

A. Yes, you can change the Signer/Approver but the transaction status can be no further along than PENDING or after it has been DISAPPROVED.

Q. What is the deadline for entering Payroll expenses to an FS Index for reimbursement?

A. The deadline is the day prior to the last working day of the month.

Q. Can I process a Scholarship Award as a Reimbursement Request using the FS Index Reimbursement System?

A. No, all Scholarship Awards/Reimbursements must be must go through the Scholarship System (no exceptions). The FS Index Reimbursement System will automatically disapprove Scholarship Award transactions.

Q. I am trying to provide a stipend to an international student who has a Laurels Scholarship. Can I add this to the existing Scholarship Award or should I pay them as a student employee?

A. You will need to discuss this circumstance with the Office of Financial Aid to verify the student is eligible for a stipend payment. There are special requirements and regulations for hiring international students. Please check with your Business Center's Human Resources unit for more information and assistance with student employment.

Q. What do I do about credit transactions posted to an FS Index?

A. All transactions (Debit or Credit) properly posted to an FS Index must be processed through the FS Index Reimbursement System prior to the Fiscal Year End. The OSU Foundation posts credit memos to the originating ProjectID, which increases the balance at the OSU Foundation.

Q. How do I calculate the Cash Balance or Drawdown amount?

A. The FS Cash Drawdown report lists the current Cash Drawdown amount. The amount is presumed to be allowable expense which will be reimbursed by a OSU Foundation ProjectID

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Scholarship System FAQ's

Q. How do I add Detail Codes to the Scholarship System?

A. See the Scholarship System help document, Creating a Detail Code Request, for more information.

Q. How long does it take to get a new Detail Code Request approved?

A. Depending on the time of year, please allow up to 2 days for the Office of Financial Aid to review and approve your Detail Code request.

Q. I want to change the Project ID associated with a Detail Code. Can I do this?

A. You can change the ProjectID as long as the Detail Code has not been used or a Scholarship Plan approved in the award year. The Detail Code ProjectID cannot be changed after a Scholarship Plan is approved in any given year.

Q. Can I use a Detail Code on more than one Scholarship Plan?

A. No, Detail Codes can only be used once in each award year, i.e.EC23-2010, EC23-2011, EC23-2012. You can however, edit a Scholarship Plan multiple times in an award year.

Q. How do I add a backup funding source to a Scholarship Plan?

A. You can manage Scholarship Detail Code funding sources through the Scholarship/Manager Detail Code X-Walk submenu. See the Scholarship System help document, Adding a Scholarship Backup Funding Source, for more information.

Q. The OSU Foundation disapproved my Scholarship Plan Awards because the Budget is less than the total scholarship awards. How do I increase the Budget?

A. You have two options for increasing a Scholarship Budget:

  1. Transfer one-time unrestricted funds into the applicable OSU Foundation account. Foundation Funds Transfer
  2. Add other funding sources to the Scholarship Detail Code. Note that adding backup only allows the OSU Foundation to approve the Scholarship Plan. The Scholarship ProjectID must have sufficient funding at the time of award, which may require an OSU Foundation Funds Transfer to cover the cost of the awards. You can add up to 3 funding sources to a single Detail Code via the Scholarship/Manager Detail Code X-Walk submenu.

Q. The Scholarship budget is $0.00. Can I still submit a Scholarship Plan?

A. The system will not prevent you from submitting the Scholarship Plan.  The system will provide a warning message when the Scholarship Award amount is greater than the Budget, but the Plan can be submitted for OSU Foundation approval. Note that the scholarship reimbursement will be placed on HOLD by the OSU Foundation (not at approval) if there is insufficient funding in the primary Project ID when the reimbursement is processed.

Q. How is a scholarship budget calculated?

A. The OSU Foundation determines the Scholarship Budget. These Budgets are based on one of the following:

  1. Fund Balance minus (-) Encumbrances plus (+) Projected Endowment earnings (when applicable). Scholarship Budgets are locked each year at the first instance of Scholarship Plan approval, which typically is the fall term award. 
  2. Set amount as identified by the Donor.

Q. Can I award a student his/her total scholarship award in fall term?

A. While not recommended, the Scholarship System will allow the entire award Fall Term.

Q. I want to enter the award amount by term in the scholarship worksheet. Why does it redistribute the awards when I load it?

A. For compatibility, the worksheet load process uses the Banner process to distribute awards across terms. You can change the term amounts after the worksheet has been loaded.

Q. Can I change a scholarship award that has already been approved and awarded?

A. Yes, you can edit an approved Scholarship Award. Open the Scholarship Plan, edit the award amount and route for approval.

Q. I awarded a scholarship in May to a student that did not enroll for classes.  What do I do?

A. The Scholarship System will not distribute awards to students who are not enrolled or do not meet the minimum GPA or Credit Hour requirements. You will need to manually clear the award from the Scholarship System by editing the Scholarship Plan award amount to $0.00 and route for approval. Note: Students cannot be deleted from a Scholarship Plan after it has been approved. Changing the award to $0.00 indicates that the student did not receive a Scholarship award.

Q. I am trying to use an OSU Foundation account for a scholarship, but it is not showing up in the Scholarship System. How do I add it to the Scholarship System?

A. Generally, only ProjectID’s that have been designated by the OSU Foundation as Scholarship or Unrestricted can be used in the Scholarship System. OSU Foundation Funds (Project ID) typically are restricted by the donor and in some cases cannot be used to fund scholarships. Contact the Foundation for more information.

Q. The term has started and a student’s account does not show the scholarship amount awarded. What do I tell them?

A. Scholarship Awards are posted to Student Accounts at the beginning of each term. Verify the Scholarship Award Payment Status is BANNER in the Scholarship System (main menu Scholarship/Search Scholarship Plan).

Contact the Office of Financial Aid if the award does not appear in the student’s account by the second week of the term. Scholarship payments in a status other than BANNER are either in process or have been disapproved.

Q. The OSU Foundation has contacted me about a scholarship reimbursement they disapproved because of insufficient funds. Is this going to stop the student from receiving the award?   

A. The OSU Foundation only reimburses Scholarship Awards after the award has posted to the student’s account. It is the Departments responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds in the scholarship fund at the time of reimbursement to cover the award cost.

Q. The OSU Foundation approved the scholarship in August. They put a HOLD on the Fall Term scholarship reimbursement because of Insufficient Funds? Why are they not reimbursing the scholarship based on the August approval?

A. The August approval was based on sufficient funds being available at that time to cover the scholarship award expense. This situation may be due to the Department having identified backup funding sources (Detail Codes X-Walk Management) or the OSU Foundation Fund (Project ID) balance was higher in August and subsequent expenses were processed bringing the new balance below the award level.  Note: The OSU Foundation does not encumber future scholarship awards. It is the Departments responsibility to cover the expense through Foundation Fund Transfers. In the event where the Department does not have sufficient funds available at the OSU Foundation, other sources will be needed to cover the award expense.

Q. I missed the Year End deadline for submitting scholarship awards. How do I process the award?

A. You cannot submit Scholarship Awards for a prior fiscal year through the Scholarship System. Submit a Direct Payment Request to the OSU Foundation along with a completed IRS Form I-9.  The payment will be handled as a vendor payment and is subject to withholding and tax reporting.

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OSUF Systems Reports FAQ's

Q. How do I print a report?

A. On the top left corner of the report, click on either the printer icon or PDF icon. The report is exported as a PDF file that you can print using your office printer.

Q. The wide format reports do not print on a single sheet of paper. What do I do?

A. The wide format reports are formatted to print as PDF, so all the report columns fit on a single sheet of paper. To print the report on letter- or legal-size paper, follow the instructions in the OSUF Systems help document, Printing a Wide Format Report.

Q. How do I access the reports from an off-campus computer?

A. Access to the reports requires an on-campus internet connection or access through a Virtual Personal Network (VPN). If you are unfamiliar with this connection type, please contact your IT support for assistance.

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OSUF Signer Sheet FAQ's

Q. What is a Signer Sheet?

A. The Signer Sheet is the document which identifies the authorized signers for each OSU Foundation equity account, ProjectID. The OSU Foundation requires all Signer Sheets be kept current and on file. The Signer Sheets are used to verify a transaction approver’s signature when ProjectID funds are distributed, they are also used to determine who can approve Requests. Note: An out of date Signer Sheet will result in a delay of funds disbursement and reimbursement requests.

Q. How do I print a Signer Sheet?

A. Please see the OSU Foundation Systems help document, Printing and Submitting a Signer Sheet.

Q. How do I add a new signer to an OSU Foundation account?

A. Please see the OSU Foundation Systems help document, Creating and Editing a Signer Sheet.

Q. How do I change Signers on an OSU Foundation account?

A. Please see the OSU Foundation Systems help document, Creating and Editing a Signer Sheet.

Q. How do I add a non-OSU employee as an authorized signer on an OSU Foundation Account?

A. The OSUF Systems do not allow for a non-OSU employee to be an authorized signer on a ProjectID (OSUF account). All ProjectID’s with the OSU Foundation are required to have at least two authorized signers, and at least one must be a current OSU employee. If you need to add a non-OSU employee as an authorized signer for a ProjectID, please contact the OSU Foundation for assistance.

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OSU Foundation Systems - General/Miscellaneous FAQ's

Q. What is a ProjectID?

A. A ProjectID is the identifier for a unit account at the OSU Foundation.

Q. How do I get access to the OSU Foundation Financial Edge (FE) System?

A. You will need to contact the OSU Foundation to request access to OSUF reports and Financial Edge.

Q. What expenses will the OSU Foundation reimburse?

A. The OSU Foundation reimburses expenses incurred primarily to promote and further the interests of OSU or the OSUF. These are responsible and necessary expenses which do not confer a personal benefit and are in line with the exempt purpose of the OSUF. Please see the OSU Foundation Distribution Policy for more information.

Q. Can I access the OSU Foundation Systems from an off-campus location?

A. Access to the Systems requires an on-campus internet connection or through a Virtual Personal Network (VPN). If you are unfamiliar with this connection type, please contact your IT support for assistance. Note: Approvers can access their approval queues through any secure internet connection.