Official Six-Year Retention & Graduation Table for First-time, Full-time, Degree-Seeking Freshmen Cohort (IRM0490)

Data Source: Certified

 Retention and graduation rates based on university official first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen cohort. Dashboard includes a summary of differences in first-year retention and six-year graduation between student groups (such as first-generation, and Pell-Eligible).

Questions this report can help answer:

  • What is the first-year retention rate across the university or college?

  • What are the differences in retention and graduation rates for student populations?

Degrees Awarded (OWB0450)

Data Source: Operational

 Dashboard provides information about OSU graduates for a given academic year. The summary includes number of degrees, colleges from which degrees were granted, and graduate demographics.

Questions this report can help answer:

  • How many degrees were awarded by Campus? College? Major?

  • What are the 3 year graduation trends by campus/college?