Course Enrollment and Teaching Trends (DDB0120)

Data Source: Operational

 Dashboard displays a summary of the 10 largest courses by headcount and credit hours offered by a particular unit. Results can be filtered by courses in the Bacc Core or WIC, and are able to drill down to the department level.

Questions this report can help answer:

  • What are the 10 largest courses offered by a certain department in terms of credit hours or headcount?

  • What is the average GPA for the largest 10 courses in the WIC courses offered by my college?

Credit Hours by Student Primary College & Major (IRM5406)

Data Source: Certified

 Dashboard displays credit hours generated based on student primary campus and college. Results can be aggregated by campus, college, or department.

Questions this report can help answer:

  • What departments have the highest and lowest numbers of student-generated credit hours based on the student's primary college or campus?