Diversity Dashboards

Spearheaded by the Office of Institutional Diversity, the OSU Diversity Dashboards are a collection of dashboards and tables that present summary information about students and employees through a diversity and equity lens.

Proactive Advising

Reports in the Proactive Advising Group are geared toward Academic Advisors, Counselors, and other student success professionals who are looking for data to help them proactively connect with and targeted outreach to students for personalized success interventions or support.

Frontline ADVISORS

Reports in this group provide front-line academic advisors a list of reports that are commonly used when advising undergraduate students throughout the academic year. The reports are clustered thematically based on typical business operations and advising functions. 

Instructors & Teaching Faculty

Reports for Instructors and Teaching faculty include information about the students in current or past courses as well as aggregated analysis of course performance.

University & College Leadership

The reports in the College Leadership group provide high-level overviews of students in the college or particular courses or program. These reports are geared toward helping college leadership at a strategic level.

Student Life-Cycle Metrics

College and department level dashboards and tables that show trend data related to high-level student success markers, such as enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.