Student Life-Cycle Metrics

Student Life-cycle metrics include college and department level dashboards and tables that show trend data related to high-level student success markers, such as enrollment, retention, and graduation rates. Many of the dashboards in this area provide trend information for key student success metrics and provide users with the ability to desegregate and compare across different student populations including first-generation, Pell-eligible, regulatory race, and residency.

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Report Link:DDB0026

Report Overview: Dashboard shows a 6-year trend of the relationship between applicants, admits, and matriculants by primary college and major. Dashboard shows disaggregation by gender and race.

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Report Overview: Summarizes enrollment trends disaggregated by student populations including regulatory race and gender.

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Report Overview: 4th week certified census data enrollment summary by unduplicated student headcount, student credit hours, and FTE. Based on student primary college or major and can be filtered by campus, level, population, and other student groups.

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Report Overview: Certified census / official OSU cohort statistics showing year by year retention and graduation statistics. 

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Report Overview:Displays summaries of student participation in course-based experiential learning opportunities at the univeristy, college, and major levels.