Data Security

OSU employees need and rely on institutional data to do their work and make informed decisions. Many of these data, including Human Resource, Student, and Financial Records, contain sensitive or confidential information.  Federal law and OSU policy provide specific guidance for securing and protecting institutional data and records.

To assist with the regulation and protection of institutional data, OSU employs role-based security permissions for all central reporting systems including CORE, GRS, and OSUF. This means that all OSU employees have access to these systems and specific reports and dashboards within based on their employment classification and job profile. 

Note: Most Student Data Is Sensitive

We take INSTITUTIONAL Data Seriously

Oregon State University takes the responsibility for information security for institutional data seriously. For additional information, please see the following resources and governing documents: Acceptable Use for University Information & University Computing Resources, and the University Data Management, Classification & Incident Response.

How can I share & store sensitive Data?

  YES   NO


  Box (OSU)   Any email (subject line)
  Canvas   AWS Infrastructure (requires approval)


  Google Drive (ONID)   Sending to student non-OSU emails
  Office 365

  Desktop or My Documents folder

  OSU Secure Drive  

Visit the Data Management & Classificiation website for more detailed information, or contact us with questions.