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Login to OSU's Tableau Server

OSU's Tableau Server requires the OSU Network, so you'll need to log in to the OSU VPN if off campus.

Self-service analytics at Oregon State University can currently be performed using Tableau, a self-service business intelligence data visualization tool that allows users to connect with university data. Users can create and explore interactive dashboards, maps, and other presentation formats to discover data-informed business insights.

Oregon State University has a server environment to facilitate the sharing and publication of Tableau visualizations within the OSU community. Oregon State University’s use of Tableau Server is administered by IAR and publication to the server is currently limited to administrative units and offices that have an institution-wide service role to deliver data to campus audiences.  

  Getting Started with Tableau at Oregon State University

Service Summary

What do I get?

Units on campus can purchase an annual Tableau Creator License (TCL) subscriptions for individual users to develop and publish visualizations on our Tableau Server. A Tableau Creator License includes access to use both the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep software as well as  dedicated folder space on the Tableau Server to publish and share work internal to the university.

Both products are registered using the same activation key. You will be sent instructions for how to install the tools when you receive your activation key.

What is the cost?

OSU units or departments may purchase a Creator License subscription for $630/year. This amount is paid by the unit every November that they wish to renew and keep using Tableau. New subscriptions are prorated to the November renewal date.

Can I share a license?

Each TCL belongs to the unit that purchased it. Each TCL can only be registered to one non-student employee user at a time but can be transferable between employees. If the unit would like to reassign the license, contact for assistance.



Tableau Desktop users create visualizations in Tableau Desktop, available for Windows and Mac. Users without a Tableau Desktop license can interact with published visualizations on Dev Tableau.

Purchase a Tableau Creator License Subscription

To purchase a Tableau Creator License subscription, please submit a service request ticket.

Installing Tableau

You will receive instructions to install Tableau once your purchase is confirmed. These instructions can also be found in OSU's Knowledge Base, under the Tableau category.

Accessing the OSU Tableau Server

Interact with visualizations already published on our Tableau Server by going to (also known as Dev Tableau). Log in with your ONID credentials.

Please note: If you are not on campus you will need to be logged into OSU VPN to access the server

  Training, Support, and Community Resources

Extensive training to use Tableau Desktop is available on the Tableau website:

OSU Tableau users are also invited to attend a weekly drop in session at DataLab for help with Tableau or data questions:   

There is also a growing community of Tableau users at Oregon State. New OSU Tableau users are added to the Tableau User Community on Teams by IAR. Additional information about Tableau local and EDU specific resources can be obtained from the user group or by contacting

  Information Security + Tableau

Data and information security roles and responsibilities for Tableau Creators are governed by the Office of Information Security.

The designated user assigned to the TCL is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the security standards, underlying data and data quality for any visualizations uploaded to the Dev Tableau Server. This includes ensuring data is being used in accordance with relevant regulations and standards, including the University Acceptable Use and other relevant data security and privacy policies. 

A computer installed with Tableau will need to comply with the Office of Information Security’s published OSU Baseline Standards for Confidential Information (which includes using Tableau exclusively on an OSU supported device that has been encrypted). 

  Tableau FAQ's

The annual cost for this subscription is $630 and is prorated to the university’s November renewal date.

OSU has contract with Tableau to offer special pricing and enable the use of Tableau on our internal server environments. If you will be using Tableau for business and operational functions, you must purchase a Tableau Creator License through the central IAR process.

If you are interested in purchasing or using Tableau for academic or research functions, different options may be available to you.

Students can get a Tableau license for free for use with their academic programs and studies.

Subscriptions may be purchased by any unit at Oregon State University. To purchase a Tableau Creator License subscription, please submit a service request ticket.

A user has access to both the Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and a folder space on Tableau Server to publish and share their creations internally to OSU.

The Dev Tableau Server (Dev Tableau) is the internal University-operated server intended for publishing and sharing Tableau visualizations and projects that leverage University data1. 

Our Dev Tableau server:

  • Serves as a sandbox for Tableau developers who want to prototype new ideas and share them via the web with a specific audience.
  • Enables secure sharing and collaboration during the development of a visualization by leveraging Active Directory groups
  • Gives creators autonomy over who can view the visualizations in their projects.

Dev Tableau is currently managed by IAR which hosts individual User folders for employees and groups. Users who have been added to Dev Tableau by the IAR Server Administrator log in to Dev Tableau using their ONID credentials.

All OSU employees have a minimal access to the Dev Tableau Server, but will need to have permissions added to be able to view or interact with visualizations that are published there.

Any university employee with ONID and password can log in. Exceptions for student employees and affiliates may be requested and are reviewed by the appropriate governance processes.

Our Tableau Server employs three security roles for every project:

  • Viewer – the least privileged role; allows viewing workbooks and views, adding comments and tags, filtering, and exporting visualizations to pdf, cross-tab, and images
  • Editor (creator) – includes all the permissions of the Viewer role, and can create views/workbooks/dashboards, download existing views/workbooks from the Server, use Web editor mode to change, but not publish changes to the Server

Publisher – most privileged role; can do everything an Editor can do; can also publish views/workbooks to the Server, modify existing visualizations and re-publish these visualizations to the Server; manage content (move/delete)

IAR will manage the desktop licenses that connect to the Tableau servers, therefore questions regarding your Tableau License, renewals, and using the system should first be directed to IAR, not Tableau directly.

Internal to OSU

  • We are always available to take questions at our weekly drop in DataLab time.
  • If you have a Tableau Creator License you will be added to our OSU Tableau Users Teams channel to connect with other users.
  • Please contact for questions or assistance

More Tableau Resources for Higher Education users: 

To inquire about publishing a visualization to the public web, please contact

1: 4.10. University data: All information created, stored, sent, or received by university employees, students, and affiliates as part of their capacity as members of the university community. The terms “data” and “information” are used synonymously in this policy.

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