SIS BI Query Transition

OSU is transitioning to new ad hoc reporting tools



What is Happening?

To best serve the university’s data needs, Oregon State University is transitioning away from the legacy BI Query tool (locally referred to as “Data Warehouse”). The functionality that this tool historically served is being replaced by CORE and a new ad hoc tool, Jaspersoft. The transition for the finance data has already been completed, and the university is currently in the process of transitioning BI Query users for the student data area. The transition for human resources data will be in the future.

What does this mean for current SIS BI Query users?

OSU is taking a scaled approach to migrate users out of BI Query. In this process, the primary goal is for all users to have the information they need we will ensure to work effectively. Depending on the user needs, the best tool for this may be CORE or it may be Jaspersoft. During this time of transition, the reporting needs for every type of user will be addressed. The process to transition away fully from SIS BI Query will take several months. Please refer to this website for updates.

The SIS BI Query tool (“Data Warehouse”) will be decommissioned at OSU in stages. User groups with historical access to the tool and similar business need have been identified and will be transitioned away from BI Query and to the appropriate tools to meet their business needs. 

In this transition process, some users may transition to Jaspersoft and others to CORE. During this process, IAR will ensure that there are sufficient CORE reports to meet the business needs of each user group before turning off access to SIS BI Query. This means as part of the transition process, new CORE reports will be built to increase the functionality of the tool and meet the needs of users once BI Query is no longer available.

The transition process includes: 

  1. Information gathering about the business needs with individuals and unit(s) within group
  2. Identify the individuals transitioning to Jaspersoft and those transitioning fully to CORE.
  3. Identify the current or new CORE reports that need to be developed to meet the remaining needs for the individuals who transition to CORE
  4. The Data Steward (Office of the Registrar) determines which tool is needed
  5. Build new reports in CORE
  6. Training in Jaspersoft for selected users
  7. Transition group away from BI Query

Once the data steward is ready to begin review of a user group to determine transition plans all current BI Query users in that group will receive an email communication and invitation to discuss needs with the data steward. Until that time, no additional steps are needed and please continue to use the BI Query tool for critical functions that require it.



Process: How will users be transitioned to CORE or Jaspersoft?

Frequently Asked Questions

The legacy BI Query tool is no longer supported by the vendor, has not been updated in several years and is not compatible with some of the newer data systems and tools we have adopted. In short, our data needs and business processes have become too complex for the tool, resulting in unreliable data. Additionally, the ad hoc nature of the tool has led to issues of inconsistency and inaccurate reporting given the complex nature of the university data and evolving business processes. CORE provides reliable and verified reports for operational needs and a growing number of strategic dashboards that were designed and vetted to support the university’s mission and core functions. Jaspersoft will serve to support specific ad hoc business needs that cannot be addressed in CORE reports.

Yes! Winter term will be the start of the transition. Users will be transitioned out of BI Query in groups. Please contact IAR if you have questions about which group you are in and how to prepare for the transition.

The identification of who will be transitioning to CORE vs. CORE and Jaspersoft will be part of a larger conversation the data steward has with the units. Current BI Query users can expect email communication from the transition team to initiate these conversations.

Not necessarily. During this transition process new CORE reports will be created to fill current need gaps. IAR and the Office of the Registrar will consult with units to identify those gaps and expand the report offerings in CORE. As CORE is the university tool for reliable and standardized data for operational needs, the preference is to have a vetted and approved CORE report wherever possible for both quality and consistency purposes. 

No. At least one employee in each unit with a business need will retain access to an ad hoc tool (Jaspersoft). The individuals in this group will be determined by the review process with the data steward. 

Your access to reports will be based on your position and role, as it is currently. That said, you can expect more reports, improved navigation features, additional training, and the opportunity work with IAR to develop the reports necessary to continue (or improve) your business processes and meet your reporting needs. 

Users who will use Jaspersoft can expect to see the same data fields and general organization that was present in BI Query, including MyDegrees. Rather than accessing the tool from a desktop-based software, users will log in to Jaspersoft in a Data Analytics area in CORE. Users can expect to see additional functionality in Jaspersoft that was not in BI Query, such as the ability to create chart, cross-tabs, and schedule reports to run automatically. Training will be required for Jaspersoft users once they are approved. 

It doesn't quite work like that. CORE is an environment with security levels designed to provide access to predefined reports. Jaspersoft is a querying tool that allows users to build reports and queries. Users will access Jaspersoft through CORE. Many operational reports in CORE and the ones created in Jaspersoft are sourced from the same data and reconcile with Banner.

Access to Jaspersoft will be determined by the data steward for student data, which is the Office of the Registrar. During the transition process, the data steward will work with each unit to identify which tools are appropriate for the business needs. Users will need to be approved by the Office of the Registrar and complete the required security and data trainings prior to gaining access to Jaspersoft.